Solar Decathlon Competition

Solar Decathlon Europe 2010

Location: Seville and Madrid, Spain

Year: 2010
Description:Solarkit is a prototype of removable housing, energy self-sufficient, adaptable to different locations and low cost.

It represents an innovative architecture that provides all the habitability of a permanent home, with the functionality and flexibility of a removable system from modular and light components.

The air conditioning tower system was the part in which I was most involved throughout the process of the competition.

 This technology was especially developed for the Solarkit house. 

Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean area of North Africa, it provides an important innovation in the concept of ventilation and conditioning without energetic consumption .

 The tower has three compartments that occupy its full height : two edges

(north and south sides) to the air inlet and outlet , and one in the middle , in the form of thermal storage . Air circulates due to the difference in temperatures and pressures created by solar radiation and this acts on the air of the house. While the air traverses the tower, it is either cooled or heated depending on the use to improve conditions within the housing.

 For the cooling use of the tower ceramic plates were designed. That particular type of ceramic, continuously streamed with water, results in trans- evaporation causing a significant reduction in air temperature.

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